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Table 5 Top 10 up-regulated lncRNAs in SHH subgroup of MB

From: Long non-coding RNA profiling of pediatric Medulloblastoma

Gene Symbol Fold Change P-val FDR P-val
NEAT1 23.48 0.0003 0.0022
DLEU2 13.24 5.79E-11 2.41E-08
PRR34-AS1 8.07 1.58E-07 8.49E-06
LINC01355 8.05 2.93E-09 5.15E-07
MIRLET7BHG 7.49 1.79E-07 9.34E-06
CKMT2-AS1 6.23 1.86E-09 3.59E-07
SLC16A1-AS1 5.65 8.13E-08 5.36E-06
TPT1-AS1 5.28 4.44E-08 3.50E-06
LINC01000 4.96 1.10E-08 1.32E-06
ANP32A-IT1 4.94 9.36E-07 3.07E-05