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Table 2 GO enrichment analyses revealed significant (p-value ≤0.05) GO terms and associated enriched genes in the biological process (BP), cellular component (CC), and molecular function (MF) categories

From: Genome-wide identification of methylated CpG sites in nongenital cutaneous warts

Category Term P-value Genes
MF GO:0017124 ~ SH3 domain binding 0.004 ARHGAP31, ZNF106, SYNGAP1, CIT
MF GO:0003779 ~ actin binding 0.006 NCALD, WASF1, DAAM1, MPRIP, MYO5C
MF GO:0005096 ~ GTPase activator activity 0.006 ARHGAP31, RAP1GAP, SIPA1L1, SYNGAP1, ARHGEF10L
BP GO:0043087 ~ regulation of GTPase activity 0.014 RAP1GAP, SIPA1L1, SYNGAP1
BP GO:0043547 ~ positive regulation of GTPase activity 0.019 ARHGAP31, RAP1GAP, PTPRA, RAPGEF4, SYNGAP1, ARHGEF10L
CC GO:0045211 ~ postsynaptic membrane 0.019 SIPA1L1, TENM2, TANC1, GRID1
BP GO:0016337 ~ single organismal cell-cell adhesion 0.031 TENM2, PKD1, PKD1L1
BP GO:0050982 ~ detection of mechanical stimulus 0.038 PKD1, PKD1L1
MF GO:0017016 ~ Ras GTPase binding 0.039 RAP1GAP, RAPGEF4
BP GO:0010832 ~ negative regulation of myotube differentiation 0.043 HDAC4, BHLHE41
BP GO:0018105 ~ peptidyl-serine phosphorylation 0.046 MAST2, PKD1, PRKD3