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Table 3 The differential expression analysis for the genes that are downstream targets of the ER pathway with the trimethylation mark status shown for the four cell lines used in this study

From: Analysis of H3K4me3 and H3K27me3 bivalent promotors in HER2+ breast cancer cell lines reveals variations depending on estrogen receptor status and significantly correlates with gene expression

Genes TCGA Mean ER- TCGA Mean ER+ Adjusted p-value AU565 SKBR3 MB361 UACC812
ESR1 1957.85 28,587.25 4.97E-26 Both Both H3K4 H3K4
TTLL4 2292.15 1222.79 5.87E-14 H3K4 H3K4 H3K4 H3K4
CA12 6494.32 26,181.72 2.39E-11 Both H3K4 H3K4 Both
GATA3 10,042.38 30,905.96 1.78E-09 Both Both Both Both
IDE 2696.24 2470.56 5.06E-06 H3K4 H3K4 H3K4 H3K4
TIMM17B 2089.91 1922.64 7.35E-06 NA NA NA NA
RAB11A 13,538.06 12,663.28 1.68E-05 H3K4 H3K4 H3K4 H3K4
TFF3 11,984.35 16,748.75 4.28E-04 H3K27 H3K27 H3K4 H3K4
CYB561 20,940.65 17,868.85 5.41E-04 H3K4 Both H3K4 H3K4
ST3GAL6 324.15 249.91 5.54E-04 NA NA NA H3K27
FBP1 2520.97 5160.04 7.95E-04 H3K4 H3K4 H3K4 H3K4
LIN7A 116.18 352.67 7.53E-03 Both Both H3K4 Both
SOX13 4161.82 4182.33 9.74E-03 H3K4 H3K4 H3K4 H3K4
KIAA1279 2414.85 2747.07 0.01 NA NA NA NA
C10orf116 3067.85 6545.65 0.01 NA NA NA NA
TGFB3 4358.59 4501.40 0.01 H3K4 H3K4 H3K4 H3K4
HIF1AN 3677.74 4135.13 0.01 H3K4 H3K4 Both Both
ANXA9 1033.79 2243.66 0.02 H3K4 NA H3K4 H3K4
PCBP2 25,977.29 30,070.89 0.02 H3K4 H3K4 H3K4 H3K4
  1. Both referring to having both the H3K4me3 and H3K27me3 marks