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Table 6 Go analysis revealing biological processes centered on NDC80

From: Bioinformatic analysis revealing mitotic spindle assembly regulated NDC80 and MAD2L1 as prognostic biomarkers in non-small cell lung cancer development

Description Gene counts Background gene counts FDR Matching proteins in the network
Cell division 11 483 7.33E-16 AURKB,BUB1,BUB1B,CASC5,NUF2,CENPE,MAD2L1,NDC80,SPC24,SPC25,ZWINT
Chromosome segregation 10 253 7.33E-16 AURKB,BUB1,BUB1B,CASC5,CENPE, MAD2L1,NDC80,NUF2,SPC25,ZWINT
Sister chromatid segregation 7 123 1.31E-11 AURKB,BUB1,BUB1B,CENPE,MAD2L1, NDC80,ZWINT
Spindle attachment to kinetochore 4 20 1.32E-08 AURKB,CASC5,CENPE,NDC80
Spindle checkpoint 4 23 2.07E-08 AURKB,BUB1,BUB1B,MAD2L1