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Table 2 Combinations of haplotypes in alleged father, mother and plasma, and the result

From: Noninvasive prenatal paternity determination using microhaplotypes: a pilot study

|SPm ∩ Mm| |FFm| Result |SPm ∩ Mm| |FFm| Result
0 0 Cannot be father 1 0 Can be father
0 1 Can be father 1 1 Can be father
0 2 Can be father 2 0 Can be father
  1. Given a microhaplotype m, we analyze the observed haplotypes and determine whether or not there is evidence that the alleged father is the true father. |SPm ∩ Mm| is the number of haplotypes in common between alleged father and mother. |FFm| is the number of plasma haplotypes that matched the alleged father’s haplotypes and are different from the mother’s (they are within the interval of 1% and 12%). Where |SPm ∩ Mm|= 0 and |FFm|= 2 means that we found in the plasma both of alleged father’s haplotypes, and we assumed that one of them is an error and the other is the true haplotype. We considered the haplotype with the highest population frequency to be the true paternal haplotype