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Table 1 Demographics for patients whose tumors were subjected to whole exome sequencing (n = 43)

From: Metastatic and recurrent adrenocortical cancer is not defined by its genomic landscape

MS ID** Sex Age*** Mitotane Systemic therapy prior to metastatectomy DOD Hormonally active
13 F 20′s Yes Mitotane MAVE Taxol Cisplatin Alive Yes, Cushing syndrome
43 F 20′s Yes   Dead Yes, Cushing syndrome
9 F 20′s Yes   Alive Unknown
17 F 20′s Yes   Dead No
4 F 20′s No   Dead Yes, Cushing syndrome
30 F 20′s Yes Mitotane Alive No
32 F 30′s Yes T-MAVE Dead No
11 F 30′s Yes EDP Alive No
38 F 30′s Yes   Alive Yes, Cushing syndrome
12 F 30′s Yes T-MAVE Alive No
31 F 40′s Yes T-MAVE Dead No
36 F 40′s Yes   Dead Yes, aldosterone
26 F 40′s Yes MAVE Dead  
42 F 40′s Yes   Dead Yes, testosterone
3 F 40′s Yes T-MAVE Gemzar/Cisplatin Alive Yes, based on symptoms
34 F 40′s No   Dead Yes, Cushing syndrome
40 F 40′s Yes Mitotane × 2 months Dead No
1 F 40′s Yes EDP Dead Yes, based on symptoms
27 F 40′s No Cisplatin prior to primary resection; cisplat in & axitinib prior to metastatic resection Dead Yes, Cushing syndrome
23 F 50′s Yes   Dead Yes, likely Cushing syndrome
2 F 50′s Yes IMC-A12, mitotane Dead Yes, Cushing syndrome
16 F 50′s Yes T-MAVE Dead Yes, Cushing syndrome
44 F 50′s Yes EDP/M Alive Yes, Cushing syndrome based on symptoms
15 F 50′s Yes EDP/M Dead No, palpitations, HTN, sweating
25 F 50′s Yes Mitotane Alive No
21 F 50′s Yes OSI-906, EDP/M, Streptozocin Dead No
29 F 50′s Yes   Dead Yes, based on symptoms
24 F 50′s No   Dead No, h/o HTN
5 F 50′s Yes EDP/M, Streptozocin Dead No
7 F 60′s Yes T-MAVE Alive No
39 M 30′s No PSC-Velban Alive No
35 M 30′s Yes MAVE Dead No
19 M 30′s Yes Mitotane Dead No
33 M 30′s Yes EDP/M Dead No, h/o hypokalemia
10 M 40′s Yes Mitotane, streptozocin, cisplatin Dead Yes, Cushing syndrome
8 M 50′s No   Dead No
37 M 50′s Yes Mitotane Dead Yes, Cushing syndrome
6 M 50′s No   Dead No
28 M 50′s No Cisplatin, mithramycin Dead Yes, estradiol
22 M 50′s Yes EDP/M Dead No
14 M 50′s Yes EDP/M Dead No
41 M 60′s Yes MAVE, Etoposide + Carboplatin Dead No
20 M 70′s No   Dead No
  1. All samples except #44 were obtained from metastatic disease sites; #44 was locally advanced disease; #18 is omitted in the sequence
  2. Abbreviations: MAVE = mitotane + Adriamycin (doxorubicin) + vincristine + etoposide; T-MAVE = tariquidar + MAVE; EDP = etoposide + doxorubicin + cisplatin;
  3. **MS ID, Manuscript ID number
  4. ***Age range provided for privacy compliance