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Table 3 The top 5 pathways associated with NEK2 and its interacting proteins by Reactome analyses

From: Involvement of NEK2 and its interaction with NDC80 and CEP250 in hepatocellular carcinoma

Pathway description Gene count p value FDR Genes
Mitotic prometaphase 4 2.63E−06 3.52E-04 CEP250,NEK2,MAD1L1,NDC80
M phase 4 2.24E−05 1.50E-03 CEP250,NEK2,MAD1L1,NDC80
Cell cycle, mitotic 4 9.11E−05 4.01E-03 CEP250,NEK2,MAD1L1,NDC80
RHO GTPase effectors 3 3.20E−04 0.0106 MAPK1,MAD1L1,NDC80
Opioid signaling 2 7.85E-−04 0.0123 MAPK1,PPP1CA
  1. FDR false discovery rate