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Table 2 List of patients with gene fusions

From: Genomic profile of MYCN non-amplified neuroblastoma and potential for immunotherapeutic strategies in neuroblastoma

Risk group ID Sex Age Stage Pathology Chromosomal abnormality Event Fusion
High risk N_SMC_001 M 3.8 Metastatic GNB   11q   Recur/Dead LUC7L3:KLC2
  N_SMC_006 M 3.1 Metastatic PD   11q   Recur CNTNAP4:RAB11FIP4
  N_SMC_011 M 3.3 Metastatic GNB     CCDC32:CBX3*
  N_SMC_017 M 2.3 Metastatic D   11q 17q   PPFIA1:GSDMA
  N_SMC_046 M 5.3 Metastatic PD 1p     RALGPS2:DNAJC8
  N_SMC_049 M 6.1 Metastatic PD   11q    RPN1:CCDC58
  N_SMC_070 F 4.6 Metastatic UD    17q   FBXL7:CDKN3
  N_SMC_076 M 3.8 Metastatic PD 1p 11q 17q   HP1BP3:NUP85
Non-high risk N_SMC_003 M 10 Localized GNB 1p     CCDC32:CBX3*
  N_SMC_026 F 4.1 Localized GNB      CCDC32:CBX3*
  N_SMC_034 F 2.6 Localized D    17q   CCDC32:CBX3*
  N_SMC_060 M 0.1 Localized D   11q    MX1:FAM3B
  N_SMC_085 F 2.1 Localized GNB    17q   CCDC32:CBX3*
  N_SMC_089 M 3.5 Localized GNB      SAMD5:SASH1$
  N_SMC_093 F 6.4 Localized GNB      SAMD5:SASH1$
  1. UD undifferentiated, PD poorly differentiated, D differentiating, GNB ganglioneuroblastoma
  2. There are two recurrent fusions *CCDC32:CBX3 $SAMD5:SASH1