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Table 1 Total 43 traits and number of samples adopted in the study

From: Pinpointing miRNA and genes enrichment over trait-relevant tissue network in Genome-Wide Association Studies

Phenotype Study category Abbreviation # of Samples
Birth length Anthropometric BL 28,459
Birth weight Anthropometric BW 26,836
Bone density in the femoral neck Anthropometric FNBMD 32,961
Bone density in the lumbar spine Anthropometric LSBMD 31,800
Childhood obesity Anthropometric Child_Obes 13,848
Childhood body mass index Anthropometric Child_BMI 35,668
Height Anthropometric Height 253,288
Pubertal growth Anthropometric PG 13,960
Hemoglobin levels Hematological HB 61,155
Mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration Hematological MCHC 56,475
Mean cell hemoglobin Hematological MCH 51,711
Mean red cell volume Hematological MCV 58,114
Mean platelet volume Hematological MPV 29,755
Packed cell volume Hematological PCV 53,089
Platelet count Hematological PLT 68,102
Red blood cell count Hematological RBC 53,661
Crohn’s disease Immune CD 20,883
Inflammatory bowel disease Immune IBD 34,652
Primary biliary cirrhosis Immune PBC 13,239
Rheumatoid arthritis Immune RA 37,681
Systemic lupus erythematosus Immune Lupus 14,267
Ulcerative colitis Immune UC 27,432
Age at menarche Metobolic Menarche 182,416
Coronary artery disease Metobolic CAD 77,210
Fasting glucose Metobolic FG 46,186
High-density lipoproteins Metobolic HDL 97,749
Heart rate Metobolic HR 181,171
Low-density lipoproteins Metobolic LDL 93,354
Total cholesterol Metobolic TC 100,184
Triglycerides Metobolic TG 94,461
Type 1 diabetes Metobolic T1D 26,890
Type 2 diabetes Metobolic T2D 60,786
Alzheimer’s disease Neurological Alzheimer 54,162
Autism Neurological Autism 10,263
Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder Neurological ADD 5422
Bipolar disorder/Schizophrenia Neurological BIPSCZ 39,202
Bipolar disorder Neurological BIP 16,731
Depressive symptoms Neurological DS 161,460
Schizophrenia Neurological SCZ 70,100
College completion Social College 126,559
Ever smoked Social EverSmoked 74,053
Neuroticism Social Neuroticism 170,911
Years of education Social YE 328,917
  1. Italic traits gave significant (p-value < 0.01) results identified by MIGWAS