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Table 4 Genes and GO terms targeted by hsa-mir-590 with target relationship of PTEN

From: Pinpointing miRNA and genes enrichment over trait-relevant tissue network in Genome-Wide Association Studies

Genes Term Category p-value
RNF180, CYP2U1, ARIH1, AGBL5, ZHX1, BMPR2, NR3C1, RHOU, RNF32, FOXP1, PGGT1B Metal-binding UP_KEYWORDS 0.001554879
RNF180, ARIH1, AGBL5, ZHX1, NR3C1, RNF32, FOXP1, PGGT1B Zinc UP_KEYWORDS 0.006809626
CSNK1A1, IRAK1, ARIH1, POMGNT1, FLT1, BMPR2, UBE2W, PGGT1B Transferase UP_KEYWORDS 0.00109919
CSNK1A1, RHOJ, IRAK1, FLT1, BMPR2, UBE2W, RHOU Nucleotide-binding UP_KEYWORDS 0.007386586