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Table 2 Validation of the correlation significance between the overall survival and gene expression level

From: Identification of LINC02310 as an enhancer in lung adenocarcinoma and investigation of its regulatory network via comprehensive analyses

Status lnc-YARS2-5 lnc-NPR3-2 LINC02310
Low High p1 p2 Low High p1 p2 Low High p1 p2
Dead 66 117 3.28e−6 2.31e−6 117 66 7.77e−5 4.76e−5 126 57 3.54e−4 2.74e−4
Alive 186 135 258 63 266 55
  1. ‘Low’ and ‘high’ represent the LADC samples from TCGA in which the DELncRNAs were low expressed and high expressed, respectively. p1 and p2 are the correlation p-values of Fisher’s accurate test and Pearson’s chi-squared test, respectively