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Table 1 ZBRK1/ZNF350 gene exon mutations and function prediction (case group)

From: Correlation between ZBRK1/ZNF350 gene polymorphism and breast cancer

SNP No Nucleotide change SNP site Location Amino acid change Mutation type SIFT protein change SIFT Prediction score
1 c.105 T > C rs4986773 EXON3 p.Asp35Asp S No effect -
2 c.111G > A rs4987241 EXON3 p.Met37Ile M Impairment 0.00
3 c.197 T > C rs2278420 EXON4 p.Leu66Pro M Neutral 0.47
4 c.708 T > C rs4988334 EXON5 p.Cys236Cys S No effect -
5 c.1119C > A rs3764538 EXON5 p.Pro373Pro S No effect -
6 c.1503A > T rs2278415 EXON5 p.Arg501Ser M Impairment 0.04
7 c.1155A > C rs4986772 EXON5 p.Thr385Thr S No effect -
8 c.1414 T > C rs4986771 EXON5 p.Ser472Pro M Neutral 0.10
9 c.100C > T rs138898320 EXON3 p.Arg34Trp M Neutral 0.09
  1. The SIFT prediction score < 0.05 indicated that it affected the protein function. S, synonymous mutation; and M, missense mutation