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Table 2 Recommended Improvements to ShareDNA Issues

From: ShareDNA: a smartphone app to facilitate family communication of genetic results

Issue Recommendation
Default messaging was impersonal/generic Leave blank with suggested wording above the text box. Most participants felt the wording should be in first person since it would come from their number/email
Redundancy in requiring password Remove additional password requirements once the user is logged into their account. Or an option to require the password before sending test results to recipients
Adding multiple recipients wasn’t intuitive Add a feature to “save” recipient contact info and the “ + ” to add more recipients
Light greys were difficult to see Darken grey or change color to indicate the text can be altered
Confusion from intro screens Once all screens/dialogue has been rotated through (i.e. pressed “Next” 3 times), enter the login/create an account screen automatically
“Create an account” was overlooked If the email entered does not have an account yet, navigate to the “create an account” page with the information already entered
“Share” icon wasn’t clear Older users didn’t intuitively know the icon to share and the font was small, a larger button with text would be clearer
Scrolling function wasn’t shown Add scrolling sidebar to “More information” section to show additional text is below
UW branding was confusing to non-UW patients Consider de-emphasizing UW look and feel if using with external patients
Some participants didn’t intuitively go to “Files” to send their test results again From upper left menu, include a “Share” option
  1. Table outlines the major issues that participants found along with their recommended improvements