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Table 5 Enriched GO terms of 54 DMR-DEGs in LAML

From: Impact of mutations in DNA methylation modification genes on genome-wide methylation landscapes and downstream gene activations in pan-cancer

GO-term IDterm descriptiongene countFDR
GO:0007596blood coagulation9 of 2880.0002
GO:0007155cell adhesion13 of 8430.0002
GO:0030168platelet activation6 of 1200.00039
GO:0030198extracellular matrix organization8 of 2960.00045
GO:0071560cellular response to transforming growth factor beta stimulus5 of 1400.0075
GO:0050896response to stimulus35 of 78240.0269
GO:0030199collagen fibril organization3 of 390.0269
GO:0032501multicellular organismal process31 of 65070.0272
GO:0009719response to endogenous stimulus12 of 13530.0298
GO:0043589skin morphogenesis2 of 90.0416
GO:0001775cell activation10 of 10240.0446