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Table 6 Enriched GO terms of 45 DMR-DEGs in COAD

From: Impact of mutations in DNA methylation modification genes on genome-wide methylation landscapes and downstream gene activations in pan-cancer

GO-term IDterm descriptiongene countFDR
GO:0002181cytoplasmic translation3 of 550.0002
GO:0043043peptide biosynthetic process4 of 1750.0006
GO:0006614SRP-dependent cotranslational protein targeting to membrane3 of 900.001
GO:0006613cotranslational protein targeting to membrane3 of 940.0012
GO:0045047protein targeting to ER3 of 980.0013
GO:0006412translation4 of 2330.0018
GO:0019080viral gene expression3 of 1110.0019
GO:0000184nuclear-transcribed mRNA catabolic process, nonsense-mediated decay3 of 1130.002
GO:0019083viral transcription3 of 1140.0021