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Table 2 Candidate functional variants in promoters associated with psoriasis risk

From: An integrated analysis of public genomic data unveils a possible functional mechanism of psoriasis risk via a long-range ERRFI1 enhancer

Chr.PositionVariantAlleles (P/R)RAFGeneTFMarker (P-value, Study)r2
631,371,100rs6906175G/C0.2952MICARESTrs13437088 (3.00E-40, [25])1.0000
631,430,009rs3132089(G/A)?NRHCP5ARNT, BHLHE40rs3134792 (1.00E-09, [18])0.9253
631,462,134rs3130923(G/A)?NRMICBTCF3rs3134792 (1.00E-09, [18])0.8762
1256,728,257rs11358218A/−0.9304PAN2SPI1rs2066807 (5.00E-12, [27])0.9541
       rs2066808 (6.00E-10, [26])1.0000
       rs2066819 (5.00E-17, [25])0.8933
1630,968,588rs4889599C/T0.3658SETD1AEGR1rs10782001 (9.00E-10, [22])0.9703
       rs12445568 (1.00E-16, [25])0.8876
       rs13708 (2.00E-08, [27])0.9915
2043,989,513rs2741432G/A0.7744SYS1CEBPBrs1008953 (1.00E-07, [22])0.9943
  1. As for rs3134792 and its functional variants, the direction of effects is unknown
  2. P/R protective/risk, RAF risk allele frequency, NR not reported, TF transcription factor, r2 r-squared value between functional variants and GWAS variants