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Table 3 Candidate functional variants in enhancers associated with psoriasis risk

From: An integrated analysis of public genomic data unveils a possible functional mechanism of psoriasis risk via a long-range ERRFI1 enhancer

Chr. Position Variant Alleles (P/R) RAF Gene TF Marker (P-value, Study) r2
1 8,257,959 rs72635708 T/C 0.2286 ERRFI1 ARNT, BACH1, FOS, MAFK, NFE2 rs417065 (8.00E-07, [27]) 0.9832
11 64,140,624 rs11231770 A/G 0.6292 PPP1R14B SP1, SP2, ZNF263 rs645078 (2.00E-06, [25]) 1.0000
  1. P/R protective/risk, RAF risk allele frequency, NR not reported, TF transcription factor, r2 r-squared value between functional variants and GWAS variants