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Table 1 DNA quality metrics for blood and saliva derived DNA

From: Quality of whole genome sequencing from blood versus saliva derived DNA in cardiac patients

 Pooled samplesPaired samples
Blood DNASaliva DNABlood DNASaliva DNA
Number of Samples53150255
Fluorometric DNA Concentration (ng/μL)180153314214
260/280 Absorbance Ratio1.841.81.841.74
260/230 Absorbance Ratio1.961.321.361.28
Samples Failing Mandatory Criteria32 (6%)231 (46%)0 (0%)0 (0%)
Samples Failing DNA Concentration cut-off (<  20 ng/μL)0000
Samples Failing 260/280 Absorbance Ratio (≤ 1.3)0000
Samples Failing Agarose Gel3223100