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Table 2 MS FDA drug target genes within top modules

From: Dense module searching for gene networks associated with multiple sclerosis

Drug nameCommercial product nameTarget geneOccurrence in top modulesGeneMSA gene-level p-valueIMSGC gene-level p-value
FingolimodGilenyaHDAC1Central in top module of GeneMSA, present in 75/75 top 1 % GeneMSA modules0.2630.249
OcrelizumabOcrevusIL2RAPresent in top modules of IMSGC GWAS and top module of dual evaluation, present in 76/76 top 1 % IMSGC modules0.2124.37 × 10−9
Dimethyl fumarateaTecfideraKEAP1Present in 1/76 IMSGC top one present modules0.1722.22 × 10−6
RELAPresent in 3/75 top 1 % GeneMSA modules and 7/76 IMSGC top 1 % modules0.0841.84 × 10−4
  1. aDimethyl fumarate has two target genes from module gene list (KEAP1 and RELA)