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Table 3 Statistics of top-ranked drug targets. Column 2: Ranks by SCNrank Column. 3: cancer drug target information. Column 4: average expression values in tumor tissue samples. Column 5: average expression values in normal tissue samples. Column 6: log2 fold change of expression differences between tumor group and tissue group. Column 7: T value from T-test between tumor and normal group. Column 8: P-value from T-test between tumor and normal group. Column 9: gene essentiality value (cell survival rate at T3 versus at T0). Positive values and negative values indicate an enhanced and reduced cell survival rate respectively in vitro

From: SCNrank: spectral clustering for network-based ranking to reveal potential drug targets and its application in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

NameRANKCancer drug target (Y/N)Tumor gene expression (Log2 average)Normal gene expression (Log2 average)T_v_N Log2 FCT-valuep-valueGene essentiality in CRISPR
PGK11N10.189.280.908.03< 0.01−1.84
POLE21Y5.874.831.045.31< 0.01−1.31
HMMR2N6.835.061.774.31< 0.01−0.96
VDAC14N9.538.830.706.30< 0.01−1.85
PPP2CA5N8.618.400.213.98< 0.01−1.94
DARS26N5.635.160.473.02< 0.01−0.54
TK17N6.565.950.613.37< 0.01−0.42
VARS8N5.525.140.383.01< 0.01−2.13
DHFR9Y7.096.450.643.75< 0.01−1.06
MMP1410N7.406.510.894.37< 0.01−0.21
MTOR32Y5.455.040.443.74< 0.01−1.24