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Table 3 Model-wised performances comparison at pan-cancer level (12 TCGA (The Cancer Genome Atlas) cancer types) by pairwise paired t-test (A) and linear mixed-effects models test (B), according to metrics concordance index and p-value of log-rank test. Note that for concordance index, larger t-statistic/coefficient indicated better performance at pan-cancer level, while the p-value of log-rank test was on the contrary

From: Deep learning-based cancer survival prognosis from RNA-seq data: approaches and evaluations

(A) Pairwise Paired T-test
 Distribution 2
Distribution 1Cox-nnetconcordance index3.18432.32E-033.22812.04E-03
p-value of log-rank test−1.40061.67E-01−0.89623.74E-01
DeepSurvconcordance index−0.67325.03E-01
p-value of log-rank test0.51646.07E-01
Notes: t denotes the pairwise paired Student’s t-test statistic, P denotes the p-value obtained.
(B) Linear Mixed-Effects Models Test
 Distribution 2
Distribution 1Cox-nnetconcordance index0.01951.97E-020.01421.12E-01
p-value of log-rank test−0.04892.52E-01−0.02944.85E-01
DeepSurvconcordance index−0.00525.85E-01
p-value of log-rank test0.01956.62E-01
  1. Notes: β denotes the coefficient (slope) of linear mixed-effects models, P denotes the p-value obtained.