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Table 3 Distribution of differentially expressed genes in any two brain regions during the same period

From: Potential role of genomic imprinted genes and brain developmental related genes in autism

FCOFC  1  1 36224413449587614867545
DFC    168 5147869690829826991603
VFC   10     139614677808880525
MFC14116 6924636911574710806943485
M1C1327212    162743841945998618
PCS1C4057234     1 729882883974626
IPC7891407122     252235196481219
TCA1C87975599291    3603634770923509
STC91105641023051    422429776985369
ITC56966080231316   4345340420751349
V1C137153 1789511792113107103 156229516960377
HIP569617566492547657650666639420521 1366581077568
AMY214395322254150226402336223 117121 32078963
CBC8899779368679461058101310291029843808565380 580346
MD826862770732711793845849859677929443574745 588
  1. The upper right and lower left number represent the numbers of differentially expressed genes obtained in the brain regions of the third period (early fetal period) and the sixth period (fetal middle period), respectively. Different rows and columns represent different brain regions, and NCX represents 11 cerebral cortical regions