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Table 1 Comparison of demographic and phenotypic characteristics of our patient with other subjects reported in previous studies

From: 4q27 deletion and 7q36.1 microduplication in a patient with multiple malformations and hearing loss: a case report

Cytogenetic resultsAgeSexParental studiesGrowthDysmorphismCentral nervous systemIntellectual disabilityCardio-vascularGastro-intestinalRenal /genitourinaryHearing impairmentReference
    IUGRPost-natal growth retardationFacialDigital       
4q del:121,148,089-144,769,263; 7q dup:152,510,685-153,363,5981 yM++++++++The left hearing lossOur patient.
4q del:122,756,085-128,434,44712 yM+ +++++++Hickey et al. [14]
4q del:136,127,048 - 150,690,3259 mF  +++++++ Duga et al. [15]
4q del:111,310,828–130,503,8963 dF++ +  Strehle et al. [13]
4q del:113,517,078–130,278,5222 yM++++   
4q del:127,979,585–140,587,34933 yFMother: inv. (9)p11q13 ++++ ++ 
4q del:184,046,156-190,901,1178 yM++ ++Bilateral hearing impairment (60 dB)Vona et al. [16]
deletion 4q33 → q3511 mM ++     Mild bilateral conductive deafnessCalabrese et al. [17]
7q del:148,472,027–157,265,994; dup:138,293,371–148,443,9943 yF+++++++Bilateral hearing impairment (60 dB)Pavone et al. [18]
inv(7) (q22.1 q31.2) t (7;8) (q21.3 q22.1; q23.3 q24.12)5 yF+++++Severe bilateral hearing impairmentBernardini et al. [19]