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Table 1 Clinical characteristics of the sepsis and control groups used in both microarray and qPCR validation

From: Long noncoding RNA and messenger RNA abnormalities in pediatric sepsis: a preliminary study

Age, median months [range]4.32 [1.17–96.60]12.95 [5.80–20.13]0.10a
Gender  0.57b
Infection site
 Lung (%)2 (20.0)
 Brain (%)4 (40.0)
 Others (%)4 (40.0)
Septic shock (%)3 (30.0)
ICU stay, median hours [range]273.50 [23.00, 1009.00]
ICU mortality (%)3 (30.0)
  1. a P value of the Mann–Whitney U test
  2. b P value of the Fisher’s exact test