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Table 3 Characteristics of the investigated polymorphisms in this study

From: Association of PICK1 and BDNF variations with increased risk of methamphetamine dependence among Iranian population: a case–control study

Rs number Gene Protein Position Exon/
Variant length Allele Function Haplotype distance (bp)
rs713729 PICK1 Non-coding 22:38,059,462 Intron 3 1 T > A Intron variant 8183
rs2076369 PICK1 Non-coding 22:38,067,645 Intron 4 1 T > G Intron variant
rs6265 BDNF NP_001137277.1:p.Val66Met 11:27,658,369 Exon 4 1 C > T Missense -
  1. PICK1: Protein that interact with C-kinase-1; BDNF: Brain-derived neurotrophic factor; Val66Met (also called rs6265): Met: Methionine and Val: Valine; METH: Methamphetamine; bp: Base pairs