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Table 1 Biological functions of the genes in the SNHG1-related network

From: Expression and gene regulatory network of SNHG1 in hepatocellular carcinoma

Gene symbol Description OMIM Type LogFC P value
SNHG1 Small nucleolar RNA host gene 1 603222 Long non coding 1.495397836 6.43E−18
LMNB2 E2F transcription factor 8 612047 Protein coding 1.115366226 5.95E−13
FANCE FA complementation group E 613976 Protein coding 1.459672439 9.12E−14
E2F8 Lamin B2 150341 Protein coding 3.729047657 8.89E−27
  1. The table lists 5 genes in the SNHG1-related network and the following information: Gene symbol, Description, OMIM, Type, LogFC (trimmed binary logarithm of average expression level fold change), and P value