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Table 2 A step-by-step example of differentiating “unknown” from “negative” status using the MSN method

From: An adaptive method of defining negative mutation status for multi-sample comparison using next-generation sequencing

A. Definepositivesamples
Sample Read counts Status
Mutant Total (coverage)
A 10 20 Positive
B 0 20 TBD*
C 4 9 Positive
D 0 8 TBD*
E 0 5 TBD*
B. Separateunknownfromnegativestatuses
“Non-positive” sample Rejected against positive samples (p value**) Final status
vs A vs C
B Yes (< 0.01) Yes (< 0.01) Negative
D Yes (< 0.05) No Unknown
E No No Unknown
  1. *TBD to-be-determined
  2. **By Fisher's exact test