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Table 9 Candidate molecules for targeted anti-tumour therapy in GE1-HCC and GE2-HCC

From: Gene networks and transcriptional regulators associated with liver cancer development and progression

Analyses predicting the candidate gene Target molecule in GE1-HCC Target molecule in GE2-HCC Selectivity suggested for cancer cells References to targeted therapy approaches under investigation/development
GE, MR, TR E2F1 E2F1   [132]
GE MDK MDK Yes [73]
GE BIRC5 BIRC5 Yes [133]
GE GPC3 GPC3 Yes [92]
GE KIFC1 Yes [134]
GE PARP1 Yes [109]
GE, MR PKMYT1 Yes [119, 120]
GE   PEG10   [95]
MR, GE SOCS3   [135]
MR IL10 IL10 Yes [136]
MR TNF   [137]
TR AR   [24]
TR PGR PGR   [27]
TR POU2F1 Yes [126]
TR NFY   [57]
TR TFCP2 TFCP2   [131]