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Table 2 Top five terms for Biological Process (GO) of predicted mRNAs in ceRNA

From: Integrated analysis of differentially expressed genes and construction of a competing endogenous RNA network in human Huntington neural progenitor cells

GO-term Description Count in a gene set False discovery rate
GO:0048583 Regulation of response to stimulus 71/3882 2.53E-05
GO:0023051 Regulation of signaling 65/3360 2.53E-05
GO:0010646 Regulation of cell communication 65/3327 2.53E-05
GO:0009966 Regulation of signal transduction 58/3033 0.00013
GO:0048518 Positive regulation of biological process 84/5459 0.00070
  1. GO Gene Ontology, ceRNA competing endogenous RNA