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Table 2 Comparison of the DDSN-C with other networks of D similarity

From: The similarity of inherited diseases (I): clinical similarity within the phenotypic series

Networks Shared Terms Nodes Edges
HSDN MeSH 4216 7,389,705
SGPDN MeSH 1594 132,802
DDSN-C OMIM 2116 624,610
DDSN-C* OMIM 1832 435,539
MeSH 1306 322,235
DDSN-C* \(\cap\) HSDN N OMIM 1092 122,410
  N and E OMIM 1081 105,340
DDSN-C* \(\cap\) SGPDN N OMIM 1060 117,521
  N  and E OMIM 957 39,348
  1. HSDN, Human Symptoms Disease Network; SGPDN, Shared Symptoms and Genes/PPI Disease Network; MeSH, Medical Subject Headings; E, edges; N, nodes; \(\cap\), intersection