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Table 5 GO biological processes and KEGG signaling pathways in which genes are significantly related in the interaction network

From: Screening of gene markers related to the prognosis of metastatic skin cutaneous melanoma based on Logit regression and survival analysis

Category Term Count Gene P value
Biology Process GO:0,031,424 ~ keratinization 20 TGM3, HRNR 3.18E−35
  GO:0,008,544 ~ epidermis development 22 CALML5, ZNF750 9.46E−34
  GO:0,030,216 ~ keratinocyte differentiation 19 TGM3, TP63 1.04E−28
  GO:0,018,149 ~ peptide cross-linking 14 LCE5A, EVPL 8.98E−22
  GO:0,061,436 ~ establishment of skin barrier 9 HRNR, FLG 2.25E−16
  GO:0,045,104 ~ intermediate filament cytoskeleton organization 4 KRT6C, KRT3 2.92E−06
  GO:0,043,163 ~ cell envelope organization 3 HRNR, TGM3 4.98E−06
  GO:0,016,337 ~ single organismal cell–cell adhesion 6 PKP1, DSG1 5.90E−06
  GO:0,042,060 ~ wound healing 5 NLRP6, KRT6A 3.26E−05
  GO:0,045,109 ~ intermediate filament organization 3 KRT17, KRT2 1.92E−04
  GO:0,030,855 ~ epithelial cell differentiation 4 KRT14, KRT3 2.99E−04
  GO:0,007,010 ~ cytoskeleton organization 5 KRT6B, KRT5 4.34E−04
  GO:0,031,069 ~ hair follicle morphogenesis 3 KRT17, TGM3 5.47E−04
  GO:0,010,482 ~ regulation of epidermal cell division 2 TP63, SFN 1.23E−03
  GO:0,045,110 ~ intermediate filament bundle assembly 2 PKP1, KRT14 1.23E−03
  GO:0,051,546 ~ keratinocyte migration 2 KRT16, KRT2 2.04E−03
  GO:0,045,087 ~ innate immune response 6 NLRP6,SH2D1A 3.18E−03
  GO:0,010,838 ~ positive regulation of keratinocyte proliferation 2 TGM1, TP63 3.64E−03
  GO:0,003,334 ~ keratinocyte development 2 KRT2, SFN 4.04E−03
  GO:0,031,581 ~ hemidesmosome assembly 2 KRT, KRT14 4.82E−03
  GO:0,043,616 ~ keratinocyte proliferation 2 TP63, KRT2 4.82E−03
KEGG Pathway hsa04020:Calcium signaling pathway 3 CALML3, CALML5 9.31E−03
  hsa04070:Phosphatidylinositol signaling system 2 CALML3, CALML5 1.98E−02
  hsa04640:Hematopoietic cell lineage 2 CD3G, IL7R 2.26E−02
  hsa04912:GnRH signaling pathway 2 CALML3, CALML5 2.53E−02
  hsa04916:Melanogenesis 2 CALML3, CALML5 2.56E−02
  hsa04114:Oocyte meiosis 2 CALML3, CALML5 2.80E−02
  hsa04270:Vascular smooth muscle contraction 2 CALML3, CALML5 2.84E−02
  hsa04722:Neurotrophin signaling pathway 2 CALML3, CALML5 3.10E−02
  hsa04910:Insulin signaling pathway 2 CALML3, CALML5 3.32E−02