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Table 1 Distribution of NAT2 haplotypes in the cell donors and the Japanese population

From: Association of NAT2 genetic polymorphism with the efficacy of Neurotropin® for the enhancement of aggrecan gene expression in nucleus pulposus cells: a pilot study

Allele Nucleotide change(s) Amino acid change(s) Type Freq. (%) detected Freq. (%) literaturea P value b
NAT2*4 Rapid 79.0 69.5 0.125
NAT2*5B T341C, C481T, A803G Ile114Thr, Lys268Arg Slow 1.6 0.5 0.317
NAT2*6A C282T, G590A Arg197Gln Slow 9.7 19.8 0.056
NAT2*7B C282T, G857A Gly286Glu Slow 9.7 8.8 0.811
  1. aAllele frequency in the literature, the data was from healthy 200 volunteers ranged 20–60 years old
  2. bCalculated for haplotype frequencies