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Table 1 PGT-A testing of the embryos of the family

From: One healthy live birth after preimplantation genetic testing of a cryptic balanced translocation (9;13) in a family with cerebral palsy and glaucoma: a case report

Sample PGT cycle Karyotype PGT-A result
Wife   Normal
Husband   t (9;13) (p24.3; q31.3)
Embryo 1 Cycle 1  + (9) Aneuploidy
Embryo 2 − (9)(p24.3-p23)(14.13 Mb)(10.095), + (13)(q33.1-q34)(13.06 Mb)(32.761) Aneuploidy
Embryo 3 Cycle 2  + (9)(p24.3-p23)(14.13 Mb)(29.949), − (9)(q21.32-q34.3)(55.86 Mb)(10.208) Aneuploidy
Embryo 4 Normal karyotype Balanced translocation carrier/normal
Embryo 5 − (9)(p24.3-p23)(14.13 Mb)(10.136), + (13)(q33.1-q34)(13.06 Mb)(30.849) Aneuploidy