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Table 2 PGT-SR testing of embryo 4

From: One healthy live birth after preimplantation genetic testing of a cryptic balanced translocation (9;13) in a family with cerebral palsy and glaucoma: a case report

NO Chr ID (SNPs) Ref Alt Husband Wife Embryo 4
S3 chr13 rs16958936 G A A/G G/G A/G
S4 chr13 rs9300676 G T T/G T/T T/G
S9 chr13 rs372606636 C G G/C C/C G/C
S10 chr9 rs117765092 G C C/G G/G C/G
S11 chr9 rs144416772 G A A/G G/G A/G
S12 chr9 rs9407550 C A A/C C/C A/C
S12 chr9 rs9407551 T G G/T T/T G/T
S13 chr9 rs1813529 C T T/C C/C T/C
S14 chr9 rs17221355 C T T/C C/C T/C
S15 chr9 rs7036035 T C C/T T/T C/T
S16 chr9 rs146845682 C T T/C C/C T/C
  1. Ref: normal haplotype in the family; Alt: haplotype closely linked with the balanced translocation, red colour