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Table 3 The last 5 genes deleted by stepwise regression

From: Robust biomarker discovery for hepatocellular carcinoma from high-throughput data by multiple feature selection methods

Step Deviance Resid. Dev P value AIC
ID2B 7.72e−11 1.91e−09 1.73e−17 18 + 1.91e−09
PMP2 4.55e−10 2.37e−10 1.05e−19 16 + 2.37e−10
MUC6 5.45e−10 2.91e−10 1.59e−07 14 + 2.91e−10
C1QL1 1.03e−09 3.94e−09 1.74e−24 12 + 3.94e−09
SKAP1 1.25e−08 1.64e−08 4.19e−13 10 + 1.64e−08