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Fig. 6

From: Bioinformatic identification of hub genes and related transcription factors in low shear stress treated endothelial cells

Fig. 6

copyright permission to use and modify the KEGG pathway map image hsa04110 Cell cycle—Homo sapiens (human)

Single-gene GSEA analysis of CDC20. a The PPI network of genes with spearman correlation coefficient over 0.4 between CDC20 and other genes in low shear stress treatment samples. Red diamond stands for CDC20. The thicker edge represents the higher correlation efficient. b GSEA pathway enrichment results of CDC20 single-gene GSEA analysis. c Enrichment plot of G2M_CHECKPOINT pathway of CDC20 single-gene GSEA analysis. d Pathway annotations of cell cycle pathway. Red label nodes represent down-regulated genes; green nodes have no significance. The author obtained

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