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Table 1 Overview of feedback on the RiskProfile

From: In-vivo design feedback and perceived utility of a genetically-informed smoking risk tool among current smokers in the community

Domain Theme Meaning Quote
Motivations for receiving the RiskProfile Strong interest in the genetics of smoking Broad interest in the genetic underpinnings of smoking and personal interest in individualized risk for developing smoking-related disorders “I guess how [smoking] related to my DNA, and if there was something [the RiskProfile] could tell me that I didn’t already know.”—Male, aged 60–69
Information-seeking Wanted to gain specific information about smoking, such as how to quit, risk for smoking-related disorders (not a genetics-related interest), and why they smoke “I really wanted to know is it me being stupid and stubborn or is there something more to why it’s been so hard for me over all these years?”—Male, aged 40–49
Perceived utility of the RiskProfile Informing and educating Found that the tool helped provide useful information about the risks of smoking as well as education about their own health and risk “It’s just helpful by putting it in your face, honestly. […] I know a lot of people, including myself, who can be in denial about how at risk you are and [the RiskProfile] puts it out there in front of you.”—Male, aged 20–29
Motivating Noted that the tool was motivating for smoking cessation attempts and lifestyle changes “I think it could help people realize there is a reason that they’re craving cigarettes or nicotine. And have them be a little more serious about looking for […] extra added aids and quitting. Instead of just trying to […] quit cold turkey.—Female, aged 40–49
Potential concerns about using the Risk Profile No concerns Noted that they did not have any concerns about using the tool “Do I have any concerns about it? No, I wholeheartedly agree with it.”—Male, aged 70–79
Lack of utilization Potential for the tool to be under-utilized or not utilized at all for a variety of reasons “Getting the information and not following through with […] trying to stop”—Female, aged 60–69
Privacy Fear of genetic information being misused by third parties, including 23andMe, insurance companies, and the government “My only fear is that [my genetic information] may get out to the public and insurance companies may use that against me.”—Male, aged 40–49
Suggestions for improving the effectiveness of the RiskProfile Leave as-is Noted a preference for not revising the tool “No, I don’t know. I can’t think of anything.”—Male, aged 40–49
Improve jargon, technical details, and layout Noted ways that the formatting and content of the tool could be enhanced “Dumbing it down a little bit so that you’re not talking about […] specific chromosomes, and gene markers, and stuff. I can’t follow that.”—Male, aged 20–29
Improve impact and meaningfulness Centered around more personalized improvements that could be made to the tool “Well if there was a way to pinpoint which smoking cessation aid would be best for a specific person.”—Female, aged 60–69
General positive feedback Offered in all domains about various aspects of the tool “I think everything I’ve seen so far is fantastic.”—Male, aged 20–29