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Table 2 Bantu CNVRs overlap with CNV datasets

From: Genome-wide copy number variations in a large cohort of bantu African children

CNV datasets Total CNVRs
All four 1952
Any three 10,046
Any two 4712
DGV only 338
gnomAD only 1
Low mappability regions only 396
African CNVR 1
None 48
Total 17,494
  1. DGV: CNVRs generated from the Database of Genomic Variants CNVs, gnomAD: CNVRs generated from Genome Aggregation Database CNVs, African CNVR: CNVRs identified by Nyangiri and colleagues (44), All Four: CNVRs observed in all four datasets. Any Three and Any Two: CNVRs from any three or two of the above datasets respectively