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Table 7 The functional annotations of the five genes

From: Integrative enrichment analysis of gene expression based on an artificial neuron

Arpp21 Cellular response to heat Cytoplasm Nucleic acid binding
Rgs4 Inactivation of MAPK activity Nucleus GTPase activator activity
Regulation of G-protein coupled Cytoplasm  
Receptor protein signaling pathway   
Rasd2 Synaptic transmission Intracellular GTP binding
Dopaminergic Membrane  
Small GTPase mediated signal transduction   
Gabrd Transport Plasma membrane GABA-A receptor activity
Ion transport Membrane Extracellular ligand-gated ion channel activity
Signal transduction Integral component of membrane  
Cell junction  
GABA-A receptor complex  
Tmod1 Muscle contraction COP9 signalosome Tropomyosin binding
Adult locomotory behavior Membrance  
Myofibril assembly sarcomere  
Pointed-end action filament capping Cortical cytoskeleton  
Lens fiber cell development