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Table 1 Molecular and cellular genetic alternation of patient at different disease stages

From: Novel combined variants of WT1 and TET2 in a refractory and recurrent AML patient

Examination Before allo-HSCT After allo-HSCT
Initial diagnosis CR1 Relapse CR2 1 2 3
Karyotype t (9; 11) (p21.3;q23.3) NA NA NA
Variants (VAF %) TET2 (25.25) TET2 (48.33) TET2 (51.78) TET2 (49.88) TET2 (48.58) TET2 (50.20) TET2 (52.59)
WT1 (49.19) WT1 (50.11) WT1 (51.87) WT1 (48.35)
WT1 level (%) 0 NA 0.03 0.15 NA NA 0
  1. – Normal karyotype or fusion gene negative; allo-HSCT Allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, NA Not available, CR1 complete remission after two cylces inductive chemotherapy, CR2 complete remission after one cycle reinductive chemotherapy; WT1 level (%) = (WT1 mRNA copies/ABL1 mRNA copies) × 100, reference range of WT1 mRNA level in our laboratory is 0–0.6%. WT1:NM_024426.6:exon7:c.1109G>C:p.Arg370Pro; TET2:NM_001127208.3:exon11:c.5530G>A:p.Asp1844Asn