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Table 1 Distribution of reported clinical traits among CLL patients

From: Multivariate transcriptome analysis identifies networks and key drivers of chronic lymphocytic leukemia relapse risk and patient survival

Clinical traits Description Number of patients with reported information
Age at diagnosis Age patient was when diagnosed with disease 203
Survival days Length of time patient survived (days) since primary diagnosis 203
Binet stage B Patients diagnosed with Binet Stage B CLL 15/203
Binet stage A Patients diagnosed with Binet Stage A CLL 179/203
Binet stage C Patients diagnosed with Binet Stage C CLL 8/203
Male   116/203
Female   78/203
Relapse interval Length of disease-free interval (days) following primary treatment 92/203
Relapse Patients with reported relapse event 92/203
Chemotherapy Patients who received chemotherapy as first treatment 24/203
No treatment Patients who did not receive any therapy 9/203
IGHV mutated Patients with Immunoglobulin Heavy Chain mutations 132/203
IGHV unmutated Patients without Immunoglobulin Heavy Chain mutations 65/203
SF3B1 mutated Patients with any SNP mutations in the SF3B1 gene 19/203
ATM mutated Patients with any mutations in the ATM gene 18/203
  1. These clinical traits were correlated with transcriptome module eigengenes that were identified during the Weighted Gene Co-Expression Network Analysis (WGCNA)