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Fig. 2

From: Design and user experience testing of a polygenic score report: a qualitative study of prospective users

Fig. 2

Written copyright permission was obtained from 3/7 groups to reproduce figures from company websites and provided through personal communication in this manuscript. References for sample polygenic score reports shown here: Scripps MyGeneRank [29], Color Health [32], [34]. Copyright permissions were not obtained for the remaining report visuals discussed in the manuscript; sample reports are referenced within the manuscript: Myriad Genetics [27], Gene Plaza [33], 23andMe [36], Ambry Genetics [22,23,24]. Since this review, Ambry Genetics [22,23,24] removed the ‘AmbryScore’ polygenic score product from the market in May 2021 [e-mail communication]

Comparison of polygenic risk score report visuals. Polygenic risk scores were compared based on numeric estimates reported, risk descriptions, and supporting visuals to convey risk.

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