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Table 1 Results of (A) CTC analysis and (B) genomic analysis of CTCs in this case

From: Genomic analysis of circulating tumor cells in adenosquamous carcinoma of the prostate: a case report

CTC type Number of detections
CTC-CK+ 5 CTCs/10 mL
CTC-CK 14 CTCs/10 mL
CTC-cluster 8 clusters/10 mL
Chromosome Position Reference Alteration Gene Type of variant, protein change (if any) Variant classification CK status Allele frequency (%)
3 138699065 A T PIK3CB Missense variant, p.L50M, p.L538M VUS CK+ 5.2
3 138699162 T G PIK3CB Intronic variant VUS CK 21.1
5 112840058 ATT A APC Frameshift variant, p.L1471fs, p.L1489fs LP CK+ 10.5
9 21974504 G T CDKN2A Intronic variant VUS CK 47.3
10 87925549 ATACAATC A PTEN Frameshift variant, p.Y68fs, p.Y241fs VUS CK 18.4
10 87933078 G T PTEN Missense variant, p.D107Y, p.D280Y LP CK 5.3
13 32362653 T A BRCA2 Missense variant, p.C2646S VUS CK+ 31.6
13 48381316 T A RB1 Stop-gain variant, p.L523X LP CK 52.6
17 7673794 C T TP53 Missense variant, p.A144T, p.A117T, p.A237T, p.A276T LP CK+ 2.6
17 7673799 A G TP53 Missense variant, p.V142A, p.V115A, p.V235A, p.V274A LP CK 15.7
17 7675161 G C TP53 Missense variant, p.P19A, p.P112A, p.P151A LP CK 18.4
17 7676397 AG A TP53 Frameshift variant, p.P27fs LP CK 13.2
17 7687968 C A TP53 Intronic variant VUS CK 28.9
17 39531218 T TG CDK12 Frameshift variant, p.W1450fs, p.W1459fs LP CK+ 7.9
  1. Bold: Allele frequency > 20%
  2. Abbreviations: CK, cytokeratin; CTC, circulating tumor cell; LP, likely pathogenic; VUS, variant of uncertain significance