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Table 1 The top five results of GO analysis of the common DEGs ranked by p value

From: Integrated bioinformatics analysis of core regulatory elements involved in keloid formation

GO/ID Term p value Count
GO:0048018 Receptor ligand activity 2.75303E−10 52
GO:0030546 Signaling receptor activator activity 4.27219E−10 52
GO:0007267 Cell–cell signaling 1.73456E−09 121
GO:0030545 Receptor regulator activity 9.92932E−09 52
GO:0099537 Trans-synaptic signaling 1.19345E−08 63
GO:0031226 Intirnsic component of plasma membrane 1.68629E−10 113
GO:0005887 Integral component of plasma membrane 1.43371E−09 107
GO:0005615 Extracellular space 1.44488E−06 171
GO:0045202 Synapse 5.0892E−06 87
GO:0120025 Plasma membrane bounded cell projection 9.53943E−05 118
GO:0004888 Transmembrane signaling receptor activity 8.35E−07 87
GO:0001653 Peptide receptor activity 5.07E−06 22
GO:0030594 Neurotransmitter receptor activity 3.5E−05 24
GO:00051378 Serotonin binding 0.000406 6
GO:0005102 Signaling receptor binding 0.001698 92