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Table 6 The GO terms related to melanin and melanosomes in the GO enrichment (p.adjust < 0.05). "–" means that this term did not appear in the enrichment results for this cell type

From: Cell type identification from single-cell transcriptomes in melanoma

Aspects GO ID Descriptions p.adjust in cell type G p.adjust in cell type H
BP GO:0042438 Melanin biosynthetic process 2.83E−05 0.000325
BP GO:0006582 Melanin metabolic process 2.83E−05 0.000404
CC GO:0033162 Melanosome membrane 4.27E−05 0.001092
CC GO:0042470 Melanosome 0.000143 0.001458
BP GO:0030318 Melanocyte differentiation 0.005577 0.049285
BP GO:0032402 Melanosome transport 0.03374
BP GO:0032401 Establishment of melanosome localization 0.03712
BP GO:0032400 Melanosome localization 0.044045
BP GO:0032438 Melanosome organization 0.044045 0.047491