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Table 5 Top 10 enriched GO terms of DEGs

From: Transcriptome sequencing identified the ceRNA network associated with recurrent spontaneous abortion

Terms Pathway description Count p value
GO:0010959 Regulation of metal ion transport 23 1.5E−05
GO:0007159 Leukocyte cell–cell adhesion 22 5.16E−06
GO:0070663 Regulation of leukocyte proliferation 17 8.10E−06
GO:0019882 Antigen processing and presentation 15 9.95E−06
GO:0017001 Antibiotic catabolic process 9 4.59E−06
GO:0015669 Gas transport 9 1E−10
GO:0045123 Cellular extravasation 9 2.88E−06
GO:0042744 Hydrogen peroxide catabolic process 8 3.94E−07
GO:0015671 Oxygen transport 7 1.5E−08
GO:0072677 Eosinophil migration 6 1.52E−05
GO:0031012 Extracellular matrix 27 1.57E−05
GO:0015629 Actin cytoskeleton 24 0.000225
GO:0043292 Contractile fiber 15 0.000198
GO:0044449 Contractile fiber part 15 9.38E−05
GO:0030016 Myofibril 14 0.000392
GO:0030017 Sarcomere 14 0.000138
GO:0005833 Hemoglobin complex 8 1.1E−08
GO:0031838 Haptoglobin-hemoglobin complex 7 7.81E−10
GO:0042611 MHC protein complex 5 0.000195
GO:0042613 MHC class II protein complex 4 0.000354
GO:0003779 Actin binding 22 0.000437
GO:0051015 Actin filament binding 14 0.000169
GO:0043177 Organic acid binding 14 0.000351
GO:0140104 Molecular carrier activity 9 5.64E−07
GO:0016209 antioxidant activity 9 0.000189
GO:0019825 Oxygen binding 8 1.49E−06
GO:0004601 Peroxidase activity 8 2.67E−05
GO:0016684 Oxidoreductase activity, acting on peroxide as acceptor 8 4.65E−05
GO:0031720 Haptoglobin binding 7 4.3E−10
GO:0005344 Oxygen carrier activity 7 1.13E−08
  1. BP: Biological process; CC: cellular component; MF: molecular function