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Table 3 RegulomeDB results of SNPs in the ADAM17

From: Genetic polymorphism of ADAM17 and decreased bilirubin levels are associated with allergic march in the Korean population

Gene SNP BP A1 A2 RegulomeDB
Score eQTL TFBS DNase Proteins bound Motifs
ADAM17 rs17524376 9,542,245 A T 2b  +   +  BCL3, POLR2A, RAD21, NFYB, NFYA, NFYC
rs6432011 9,542,900 C T 1f ADAM17  +   +  OSR1
rs4319913 9,543,433 T C 1f ADAM17  +   + 
rs17524425 9,543,455 C T 1f ADAM17, ITGB1BP1  +   + 
rs4622692 9,550,588 C A 1f ADAM17  +   + 
rs7580419 9,563,839 A G 1f ADAM17  +   + 
rs11684747 9,614,622 C T 1f ADAM17, ITGB1BP1  +   +  HDAC1, SMARCA4, KDM5A, RFX3, MBD4, ATF3, ZNF318
  1. BP, base pair; A1, minor allele; A2, major allele; eQTL, expression quantitative trait loci; TFBS, transcription factor binding site