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Table 1 Classification metrics.

From: Identification of recurrent genetic patterns from targeted sequencing panels with advanced data science: a case-study on sporadic and genetic neurodegenerative diseases

  Precision Recall F1 Support
sAD 0.71 0.8 0.71 15
gCID 0.85 0.77 0.85 22
  1. Precision is the ratio of correctly predicted observation to the total predicted positive observations (TruePositive/TruePositive + FalsePositive), Recall is the ratio of correctly predicted positive observations to all observations in actual class (TruePositive/TruePositive + FalseNegative), F1 Score is the harmonic mean of Precision and Recall (F1 Score = 2*(Recall * Precision) / (Recall + Precision)). Support indicates class numerosity