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Table 1 Sample ID, sex, Lynch-associated mutation and age at diagnosis for the 27 participants of the 13 different families involved in the study

From: Acceleration of the DNA methylation clock among lynch syndrome-associated mutation carriers

Sample Sex Mutation Age at diagnosis Family
HC1 Female Negative 24 Fam1 (MSH6)
HC2 Male MSH6 21
HC3 Female MSH6 51 Fam2 (MSH6)
HC4 Female MSH6 52
HC5 Female Negative 57
HC7 Female Negative 50
HC8 Male MSH6 40 Fam3 (MSH6)
HC9 Female MSH6 38
HC11 Male MLH1 43 Fam4 (MLH1)
VN1 Female MSH6 36 Fam5 (MSH6)
VN2 Male MSH6 40
VN3 Female Negative 30
VN4 Male Negative 39
VN10 Female MSH6 41
VN6 Female MLH1 34 Fam6 (MLH1)
VN8 Female Negative 33
VN9 Female Negative 28
VN7 Male PMS2 29 Fam7 (PMS2)
M2 Female Negative 64 Fam8
M3 Male MSH2 55 Fam9 (MSH2)
M6 Female Negative 34 Fam10 (MCH1)
M7 Male MCH1 30
M8 Male MLH1 42 Fam11 (MLH1)
M9 Female MLH1 44
M10 Male MLH1 37 Fam12 (MLH1)
M11 Female MLH1 32
M12 Female MSH2 44 Fam13 (MSH2)