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Table 7 The confirmed results in the top 1 drug indication predictions by CTD

From: In silico drug repositioning based on integrated drug targets and canonical correlation analysis

Drug name Disease name Ranking in the prediction list Evidence
Troglitazone Hypertriglyceridemia Top 1 CTD
Methysergide Migraine disorders Top 1 CTD
Ropivacaine Pruritus Top 1 CTD
Tenofovir disoproxil HIV infections Top 1 CTD
Remoxipride Schizophrenia Top 1 CTD
Rosiglitazone Hypercholesterolemia Top 1 CTD
Cerivastatin Hypercholesterolemia Top 1 CTD
Meperidine Pain Top 1 CTD
Dronabinol Obesity Top 1 CTD
Phenindione Thromboembolism Top 1 CTD
Amodiaquine Malaria, falciparum Top 1 CTD
Alfentanil Pain Top 1 CTD
Risedronic acid Osteoporosis, postmenopausal Top 1 CTD
Levobupivacaine Pruritus Top 1 CTD
Ketamine Pain Top 1 CTD
Sulfadoxine Malaria, falciparum Top 1 CTD
Methotrimeprazine Schizophrenia Top 1 CTD
Acenocoumarol Thromboembolism Top 1 CTD
Diamorphine Pain Top 1 CTD
Pimavanserin Schizophrenia Top 1 CTD
Ciprofibrate Hypertriglyceridemia Top 1 CTD
Vitamin d Hypoparathyroidism Top 1 CTD
Elagolix Endometriosis Top 1 CTD
mg132 Multiple myeloma Top 1 CTD